Trump Visits Capitol Hill for First Time Since Jan 6 to Meet GOP Lawmakers

Donald Trump was on Capitol Hill last Thursday to meet with Republican lawmakers in his first visit to the nation’s capital since he was convicted by a Manhattan jury late last month.

Trump, who has not been on Capitol Hill since before his supporters rioted there on January 6, 2021, met with the House GOP conference at the RNC headquarters before meeting with senators from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

During the private breakfast meeting at the RNC headquarters, the packed room of Republican House members sang “Happy Birthday” to the former president who was turning 78 the following day.

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz described the meeting as a “pep rally,” while Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik said it was a “very successful” and “unifying event.”

The lawmakers presented Trump with a baseball and bat from last week’s congressional baseball game which Republicans won for the fourth year in a row with a shocking 31-10 score.

During his meeting with Senate Republicans, Trump was presented with an American flag birthday cake featuring candles spelling out “45” and “47.”

Surprisingly, Trump warmly greeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with a friendly handshake and fist-bump, despite his regular attacks against both the Kentucky Republican and his wife in campaign events and on social media.

Speaking briefly to reporters after the meeting, Trump said there was “tremendous unity” in the GOP.

Even Leader McConnell described the meeting as “entirely productive.”

McConnell told reporters that he and Trump had the opportunity to chat and the former president received “a lot of standing ovations.”

Republican lawmakers said Trump discussed the economy and illegal immigration, as well as his ongoing legal battles.

As Trump was on Capitol Hill, the Biden campaign released an ad attacking Trump over the January 6 riot while the DNC launched a mobile billboard around the Capitol.

Speaker Mike Johnson told reporters after Trump’s visit that the former president “brought an extraordinary amount of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm,” and added that Republican lawmakers were “feeling good” about November.