Trump Thinks Big Tech is Going After Truth Social, Report Finds

( )- Far-Left media is reporting that they believe former President Donald Trump is “a crazy old man” obsessing over the supposed failure of his recently launched social media company, Truth Social, due to Google’s internal decision to destroy him.

One far-left-leaning media reporter claims Trump feels that Google has it out for him since the Truth Social app is not yet accessible for Android users. The writers claimed Truth Social had not submitted an Android app to Google for evaluation. Nonetheless, they say, Trump believes Google and YouTube have it out for him. The writers also claimed that Trump reportedly does not use email and once suggested that everyone in the United States stop using computers. And they also claimed that a ‘source’ told them Trump refers to iPads as “the flat one.”

The reporting continued with the mocking of former California congressman Devin Nunes, who left Congress to become the CEO of Truth Social.  He stated in February that the company’s objective was to make the network completely operational by the end of March. Which did not happen, the outlet sneered.

According to the reporter, a Google spokesperson declined all requests for comment, and a Truth Social spokesperson declined also. Which makes one wonder, where did the original outlet reporting Trump’s alleged failures receive the information in the first place?

Reports show that back in 2019, Donald Trump was banned from YouTube and other social media platforms. Then-President Trump’s sponsored political ads had been blocked on YouTube, but the video platform would not identify which laws or rules the ads broke. According to the report, Google tweaked its algorithms to allegedly aid in Trump’s defeat in 2020.

According to reports, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki claimed they were not suppressing Donald Trump or conservatives. Even as whistleblowers from Google, YouTube’s parent company, have come forward with allegations that Google held a grudge against Trump.