Trump Tells Hannity GOP Must Run On MAGA Agenda To Win

( )- Speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News this week, former President Donald Trump revealed what he sees as a winning strategy for the Republican Party moving forward: his Make America Great Again agenda.

In one of the first long-form interviews since he left the White House, the former president told the Fox News anchor that the Republican Party must keep its “big tent” status that he established in the 2016 and 2020 elections in order to win in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

During the hour-long discussion, Hannity asked the president if candidates should run on his campaign rather than the establishment message pushed by the likes of former Governor John Kasich – and the answer was predictable.

“Should this now be the Republican Party agenda? Should anybody that wants to run for the House or the Senate, should they take this “Make America Great” agenda and fight for those things that you fought for the four years you were president?” Hannity asked.

To which the former president responded, “if they want to win, yes.”

The president touted his incredible support among Hispanic Americans, something Republican presidents and candidates before him had struggled to achieve.

“[At] the Texas border, we have the biggest Hispanic vote since — as the governor said to me… since Reconstruction,” Trump said. “If you want to win and win big, you have to do that. you have to do it.”

The president rebutted the Democrats’ assumption that Hispanics opposed his border wall and his position on immigration.

And, on the issue of the border, Trump said that if child daycare centers were treating children the way they are being treated at overflowing facilities on the border – caused by President Biden’s promise to provide illegal aliens amnesty – then they would be “shut down and charged with child abuse.”

Trump said that the issue at the border was completely avoidable, and that had President Joe Biden simply left it alone, the crisis wouldn’t exist.

The president also revealed for the first time publicly during the interview that he has taken the COVID-19 vaccine, despite already having recovered from the virus.

He also revealed that he has been asked to do a commercial saying that he has taken the vaccine, in an effort to encourage more Republicans to take the vaccine.