Trump Tells Fans To Take Their Shirts Off And Give Them To Him

( )- During his campaign rally in Alaska over the weekend, former President Donald Trump was so taken by the T-shirts worn by two of his supporters that he called them up on stage.

The two people were bedecked in T-shirts plastered with images of Trump. The former president spotted one of the shirts near the end of his speech and called the guy on stage so he could see it.

Trump gushed about the shirt, calling it “beautiful.” As the man worked his way to the stage, Trump said he wanted a shirt like that to wear at his next rally.

Someone in the crowd shouted, “Give your shirt to him!”

Then the man, along with a woman in a similar shirt, was helped up on stage to meet Trump as the crowd cheered.

As the pair started to leave the stage, Trump went back to the podium to continue his speech. He said he wanted both shirts, jokingly adding “Take those shirts off and give’em to me right now.” Then he went back to his speech.

Unbeknownst to the former president, as the guy was starting back down the steps, he began to remove his shirt presumably to give it to one of the Trump people near the stage.