Trump Teases Virginia Rally

( )- During President Biden’s campaign appearance with Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday in Arlington, a group of protesters began chanting “We love Trump,” interrupting Biden’s speech. The next day, former President Trump released one of his statements in which he thanked the people in Arlington for their chant, adding “see you soon!”

The people most delighted with this tease were the Democrats in Virginia who have spent a lot of time and money trying to paint Republican Glenn Youngkin as a “Trump clone.”

During his joint appearance with McAuliffe on Tuesday, President Biden mentioned Trump’s name two dozen times.

Biden claimed that Youngkin “won’t allow” Trump to campaign for him in Virginia. He accused Youngkin of pledging loyalty to Trump “in private” while hiding this secret pledge from the public.

Virginia Democrats are sure that invoking Trump will scare suburban voters enough to send them running back into McAuliffe’s bungling arms.

When a reporter asked him for comment on Trump’s “see you soon” tease, Terry McAuliffe had a one-word response: “Hallelujah!”

Virginia Democrats immediately churned out fundraising emails – including emails purportedly from Trump’s deranged niece Mary – celebrating the news that Trump was coming to Virginia.

But if Virginia Democrats were hoping to get a few last-minute soundbites to further their “Youngkin is a Trump clone” campaign talking point, they will be sadly disappointed.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that the former President won’t be visiting Virginia before Tuesday’s election. Instead, Trump plans to hold a tele-rally Monday night urging his supporters to get out and vote for Youngkin.

According to Bloomberg, it was not immediately clear if Youngkin will be participating in this tele-rally.

The fact is, Youngkin needs no help in his race against McAuliffe. Thanks to a series of bungling missteps by both McAuliffe and his campaign, Youngkin has overtaken his opponent in the polls.

The recent Fox News poll released on Thursday has Youngkin up by eight points over his Democrat challenger.

To add insult to injury, the McAuliffe campaign enlisted the help of the odious Lincoln Project to stage a stunt on Friday that backfired completely.

Virginia Democrats employed a group of UVA College Democrats to dress up like the tiki-torch idiots from Charlottesville and stand beside Youngkin’s campaign bus. McAuliffe campaign operatives quickly tweeted out the picture, condemning Youngkin for siding with “white supremacists.” Members of the press, including Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, hopped onto the controversy and attacked Youngkin.

And it was all a hoax.

When the hoax was uncovered, McAuliffe’s campaign people quietly deleted their tweets, the college Democrats involved in the stunt locked down their Twitter accounts, and the odious Lincoln Project released a statement bragging that it was all their doing.

Rather than damage Youngkin, the stunt was a major disaster for the floundering McAuliffe.