Trump Starts Naming Names Of GOP Traitors Who Voted For Socialist Package

( )- The Blaze reports that at least one Republican legislator was left “visibly shaken” by a speech made by former President Donald Trump, in which he lambasted Republicans who voted for President Joe Biden’s so-called “infrastructure” bill.

The House recently approved the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, and 13 Republican legislators threw their weight behind it. During President Donald Trump’s four years in the White House, then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell failed to rally Senators behind a Trump infrastructure bill that was slimmed down, more efficient, and focused entirely on infrastructure.

In case you were wondering, the GOP legislators who backed the Biden bill were:

– Chris Smith, New Jersey
– Jeff Van Drew, New Jersey
– Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
– Andrew Garbarino, New York
– Nicole Malliotakis, New York
– John Katko, New York
– Tom Reed, New York
– Don Young, Alaska
– Don Bacon, Nebraska
– David McKinley, West Virginia
– Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio
– Fred Upton, Michigan
– Adam Kinzinger, Illinois

During a recent speech to the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner, Trump slammed those legislators and said that they should be “ashamed of themselves” for supporting the legislation and “helping the Democrats.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump said that he loves “all the House Republicans,” only to quickly correct himself, and say:

“Well, actually I don’t love all of you,” he said. “I don’t love the 13 that voted for Biden’s infrastructure plan.”

It’s not hard to understand why he would be angry, but according to one source who spoke to the New York Post, Nicola Malliotakis – who was present in the room – was “visibly shaken.”

The speech was reportedly lengthy, and the former president was friendly with controversial Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who has been criticized for not being fully supportive of the Make America Great Again agenda.

Malliotakis, a freshman legislator who won in New York City, presumably knows that any primary challenge for her seat in Congress would likely succeed.

Voting for the Democrats’ infrastructure bill may prove to be the worst decision she ever made.