Trump Sends Out Robocall For Dr. Oz

( )- In a last-ditch effort to goose his guy to a win, former President Donald Trump recorded a robocall urging Pennsylvania Republican primary voters to support TV personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz in Tuesday’s primary.

In the hail-Mary robocall, the former president bashed Dr. Oz’s two main contenders, Kathy Barnette and David McCormick, and praised the pro-abortion, anti-gun Dr. Oz as someone who “really loves our country” and would put America first.

Trump chose to attack Dave McCormick as someone who “sold us out to China” which, given Dr. Oz’s cozy relationship with the Communist Chinese, was a peculiar line of attack to choose.

The former president slammed Barnette over her support for building a statue of former President Barack Obama and accused her of attacking George Washington.

In the recording, Trump said neither McCormick nor Barnette would “put America first,” adding “that’s what we need.”

Then Trump sang Dr. Oz’s praises, saying he hosted “a tremendously successful show” and “people love him.” Trump reminded voters that he endorsed Dr. Oz because “he’s tough, he’s smart.” He said Oz loves the country and “wants to do a great job for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

In Tuesday’s primary, the 15 percent who consistently remained undecided in polling appeared to rally behind challenger David McCormick.

The Senate race remains too close to call, with Dr. Oz at 31.2 percent and David McCormick at 31.1 percent. With 98 percent of the vote counted, the two were only separated by just over 1,200 votes.

Kathy Barnette, meanwhile, finished in third place with 24.7 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, Doug Mastriano, who was consistently polling in the lead for the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania Governor, won the primary decisively, garnering 44 percent of the vote.

Trump offered a last-minute endorsement to Mastriano last week.