Trump Says His “Personality” Is What Kept America Out Of War

( )- Praising himself during a rally on Saturday, former President Donald Trump contrasted his administration with the Biden one and said he kept the United States out of war during the four years he was in office.

He said It was his personality that kept us out of war.

Trump made these remarks at The American Freedom Tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The rallygoers applauded in agreement with him.

“I was the only president in four decades who did not get America into any conflicts, except I totally defeated ISIS,” Trump boasted.

He told the crowd that other nations should not mistake Joe Biden’s weakness for America’s weakness. He said that American power, might, and leadership will soon be back, and it will be back bigger and stronger than ever before. The implication is that Trump will be making a run in 2024.

Trump has continually criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Trump said the Russian conflict with Ukraine has to end.

Addressing attendees of a South Carolina rally, Trump declared that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he were still in office.

“If I were in Office, this deadly Ukraine situation would never have happened!” Trump assured.

Trump’s personality may be polarizing, but he has always struck the right tone with our enemies, despite what his critics say.

Trump famously warned North Korea that they would be “met with fire and fury like the world has never seen” during his showdown with Kim Jong Un over the country’s testing of nuclear weapons.

So far, Un has not bombed any countries after rattling his sword.

Trump said that Biden’s not too late to “end this tragedy without getting Americans snared into a gruesome and very bloody war.” He warned that If the invasion were allowed to continue, it would lead to another world war.

Trump, who takes pride in his uncanny ability to read the tea leaves, said that he sees what’s happening, and if you think Putin is going to stop, he’s not. It’s going to get worse and worse.

The former president seems eager to get back to the oval office, take care of business, and take care of America.