Trump Says He Never Should Never Should Have Allowed Interviews By Book Writers

( )- On Friday, former President Donald Trump admitted that granting interviews over the last few months to media outlets and authors of upcoming books about his time in the White House was a “total waste of time.”

It’s no surprise that people are rushing to cash in on the incredible work done by the former president, and the fake controversies manufactured about him, is it?

According to The Washington Post, former President Trump issued a statement taking aim at a number of authors who are producing books that he described as “pure fiction.”

In the statement, Trump said that it seems that the meetings with authors of the “ridiculous number” of books being written about his administration were a waste of his time. He added that the writers of these books are “often bad people” who will simply write whatever comes to their mind or what fits their political agenda.

“It has nothing to do with facts or reality,” he added.

It comes as left-wing news outlets claim that former President Trump is struggling to find a publisher for a book he has started writing about his time in the administration. Trump has denied the claims.

In his recent statement, the former president targeted the senior White House correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, Michael Bender. The left-wing journo wrote in an essay about his upcoming book in the outlet that Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence argued over hiring Corey Lewandowski to Pence’s PAC. Trump dismissed the story as “totally false” and denied that any fight ever happened.

Where do these people get these stories?

Former President Trump has reportedly given 22 interviews for 17 different books being written about him, with most of those discussions being on the record and may be published once the books are released.