Trump Says “A Lot Of People Are Going To Be Very Happy” With Upcoming Announcement

( )- During an interview with an Indian television station, Donald Trump hinted that his presidential bid for 2024 might be announced soon.

When asked by NDTV’s anchor if he was set to run in 2024, Trump all but confirmed it. He explained that he was leading in the polls. And he’s leading in both Republican and Democrat polls. Trump expected to make a choice in the near future and that he believed a lot of people would be very delighted.  The former president then joked that his statement would also upset a couple of people.

According to reports, previous rumors claimed Trump would declare his candidacy as early as July, and speculation was strengthened when it was found that his campaign jet had been repainted.

An unlisted YouTube video shows Donald Trump’s jet receiving a new paint job. The four-minute promotional video, which depicts Louisiana-based Landlocked Aviation doing refinishing work on Trump Force One, was published on July 4 by a local cameraman.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will postpone the major announcement until after the midterm elections.

Reports show that even though the FBI raid on Trump was a political strike to keep him from running, it appears to have strengthened Republicans’ resolve to vote for him.

Donald Trump posted a survey on his social media platform TRUTH SOCIAL  showing that the FBI raid on his property had raised Republican voter interest in the midterm elections.

A Trafalgar Group poll questioned Americans whether the raid had enhanced their motivation to vote in the 2022 election.

70.4 percent of respondents replied yes, while 83.3 percent of Republican voters said yes.

Some in the media believe Trump will face a strong primary challenge from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who some Republicans believe has a greater chance of beating Biden or whoever runs for the Democrats.

Whether he wants to run in 2024 or not,  is DeSantis strong-willed enough to keep himself from falling in with the GOP/Uni-Party crowd? Always look at a candidate’s backers, not the voters.