Trump Saved FBI Documents So Biden Couldn’t Shred Them, Aids Say

( )- It’s been claimed that former President Donald Trump told individuals close to him that he planned to retain papers relating to the investigation into possible collaboration between his campaign and the Russian government because he feared that his successor in the White House would destroy them.

The probe began in 2016 and concentrated on allegations that people in Trump’s orbit conspired with Russians to assist him in winning the election. The allegations extend back to 2016.

According to Rolling Stone, Donald Trump was concerned that the inquiry would come back to haunt him and that records related to it would not be saved by Joe Biden, the then-President-elect, in January of 2020.

When Donald Trump was in his final days as president, he told his top advisors that he would need to preserve documents related to the false Russia hoax so that his adversaries would not destroy them.

The materials were relevant to the federal investigation into allegations of coordination between Trump’s team and the Russian government during the election. At the end of his term as president, Trump and his administration drove to declassify papers related to the so-called “Russiagate” investigation. They believed the documents would reveal a “Deep State” scheme to undermine him.

The report suggests that sources who have firsthand knowledge of Trump’s thoughts at the time indicate that he considered Biden and the “deep state” the same.

During his campaign against Hillary Clinton, he was concerned that either Biden or his allies would “shred” evidence that purportedly exonerated him from allegations that he or his allies had collaborated with Russian operatives.

In an interview that took place a week ago, President Trump did confirm his belief that federal investigators who searched his residence were hoping to find evidence relating to the “Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.”

According to the report published in Rolling Stone, a former chief of staff at the Pentagon named Kash Patel has claimed that former President Donald Trump “asked him to help retrieve and publish so-called ‘Russiagate’ material the White House counsel’s office had sent to the National Archives in the final days of the administration.”