Trump Reports Millions Of Documents Missing

( )- Former President Trump alleges that during the FBI raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago, they stole documents that belong to him and he reportedly wants them back. Legal expert Mike Davis reportedly clarified that according to the law, if the president claims documents are his, then they are his. This is what resulted from a Clinton case where they were able to keep tapes that they had stored in their sock draw—what could possibly be on those tapes?

Trump shared on his social media network, Truth Social, that the government is not new to losing documents belonging to other people. He claimed that the National Archives and Records Administration lost “highly sensitive information from the Clinton White House.”

“More than 100,000 social security numbers and addresses, Secret Service and White House and operating procedures (EXTREMELY SENSITIVE!), political records, and who knows what else. They left the hard drive in an unsecured location, and didn’t realize it was gone for months—some say the data could have filled millions of books…”

Trump also mentioned the shady dealings of the Bush White House, when they “lost” 22 million emails during one of the most crucial times in American history.

The emails were reportedly lost “when the Bush administration was ginning up support for what turned out to be a disastrous war in Iraq with false claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and, later, when it was firing U.S. attorneys for political reasons,” according to Newsweek.

Not done throwing shade on the government for their ineptitude, Trump also blamed them for losing some Bush White House tapes.

The Department of Justice is reportedly hitting back, as evidenced in a strongly worded filing, after Donald Trump decided to file a lawsuit against the department after the FBI’s raid on his estate in Mar-a-Lago back in August.

Trump filed a lawsuit against the department, alleging that they had provided no reason to search his home and raised concern about his Fourth Amendment rights. He also requested a special master to oversee the case, which is someone who looks over the process in highly sensitive cases.

But the prosecution said that Trump’s complaints were all “without merit.”