Trump Reports Judge He Appointed Has Gone “Rogue”

( )- Former President Donald Trump lamented that the judges he chose would not do him any “favors” in a comment that some think encourages conservative activism from the bench.

The former president claimed that judges chosen by Democrats devote their careers to demonstrating loyalty to the group that promoted them. Trump expressed this displeasure on his Truth Social platform.

Trump said that many Republican Judges go out of their way to show they are beyond reproach and will come down hard on people before them to prove they cannot be “bought” or show favoritism to those appointees.

“People, including me, are oftentimes shocked by the lack of courage and wisdom shown,” Trump wrote.

He said as soon as they get appointed, “they go ROGUE!”

The former president said that Democrat judges are the exact opposite in attitude. “Screw you, this guy appointed me, I’m a Democrat all the way, you don’t have a chance,” he proclaimed.

He concluded with his trademark lament – “So SAD!”

Trump did not single out a particular judge or circumstance where he believed a court had mistreated him. The House ways and means committee requested access to the former president’s tax returns for six years, but the Supreme Court last week rejected the request.

During his administration, Trump added Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch to the court, giving it a 6-3 conservative majority. None of them has ever voiced their disagreement with a choice without making a public comment.

After he requested relief in the Justice Department investigation into classified papers discovered at his Mar-a-Lago estate and club last month, the court declined to step in on his behalf.

The courts have gradually pulled away from their proper role of enforcing structural restraints on government and impartially and impersonally interpreting legal and constitutional rules.

Judicial activism is when judges resolve cases based on personal preferences rather than applying the Constitution or statutes following their original public purpose or disobeying legal precedent.

When a ruling is branded as “activist,” it does not reflect policy disagreement with the conclusion; instead, it reflects conflict with the judge’s view of the judge’s duty in our constitutional system.

A case can be made that the very definitions of “conservative” versus “progressive” would indicate which political philosophy believes that the constitution is a “living, breathing document.”

The left is far more likely to be activists.