Trump Received A Subpoena And Was Cooperating With Feds Before Mysterious Raid

( )- Biden’s FBI searched Mar-a-Lago this week after subpoenaing Trump in the spring.
Trump received a grand jury subpoena for confidential materials and complied with federal officials when they visited his Florida home on June 3.

John Solomon stated that Trump cooperated with federal officials and placed an extra lock on his Mar-a-Lago storage container.

Trump posted on Truth Social confirming the report.

In early June, the DOJ and FBI asked his legal representatives to put an extra lock on a Mar-a-Lago storage door. They agreed. The FBI saw the guarded area and boxes. An army of agents broke into Mar-a-Lago on Monday and pulled out the lock.

“Surprise assault, politics, and our country is going to HELL!” he wrote.

Two months before the FBI raided Trump’s Florida property, a grand jury subpoenaed National Archives materials. He readily turned over evidence, surrendered surveillance film, and let federal agents and a top Justice Department lawyer inspect his storage locker.

Trump provided the necessary materials voluntarily. Biden’s jackbooted thugs invaded Trump’s home two months later. FBI investigators searched Trump’s possessions while his lawyers waited outside in the heat.

The subpoena demanded all remaining classified materials Trump has, including images of foreign leaders, letters, and presidential keepsakes.
Officials say Secret Service personnel enabled the visit.

According to two witnesses, Trump indicated his full cooperation by telling the agents and the prosecutor, “Look, whatever you need, let us know.” The president’s offer caught the federal team off guard, and they immediately requested a favor: access to the 6-by-10-foot storage vault at the complex where his clothes, shoes, documents, and other presidential memorabilia were kept.

Recall that in 2009, Barack Obama traveled to Chicago with 30 million pages of White House paperwork.

In a move that infuriated historians, Barack Obama trucked 30 million pages of his administration’s records to Chicago at the end of his presidency with the promise to digitize and eventually post them online. According to the National Archives website, zero pages have been digitized and made public more than five years after Obama’s presidency ended.

His home was never raided.