Trump Predicts “DOJ Will Impugn, Leak” If Special Master Is Not Picked

( )- The lawyers for former president Donald Trump renewed their request for a special master to examine the documents found during the raid of his home in a new application submitted. They will later challenge the constitutionality of the search in court.

Reports show that the attorneys’ most recent petition stated that left unchecked, the DOJ would impugn, leak, and broadcast some aspects of their inquiry with no remedy for Movant other than to trust the restraint of the uncontrolled investigators.

The “gratuitous” publication of images from the Mar-a-Lago search was cited in the motion as evidence that the Department of Justice cannot be relied upon to handle the paperwork taken from Trump’s residence.

The motion explained the facts and stated that a search warrant had been executed at the house of a president. It was undertaken as the former President and NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) were exchanging standard back-and-forth communication regarding the contents of presidential libraries. The Movant allowed DOJ attorneys and FBI agents to visit his residence and offer security recommendations.

According to the motion, an attorney general stood up to address the audience for the first time in history and declared their desire to unseal a search warrant and a property receipt. However, he grudgingly handed out a heavily redacted document.

The government’s statement gratuitously featured an image of supposedly secret information, ripped from a container and scattered across the floor for dramatic effect like a pack of bitchy teen girls would do.

According to reports, the attorneys concluded that there was no reason for fear since Trump was the president of the United States and had control over the records from his administration.

The filing ended by criticizing President Joe Biden’s Justice Department and Attorney General Merrick Garland for going after their political rival. It stated that the government pretends these are not historically significant events. It informed the court that it not only opposes a Special Master but that the movant should have no chance to argue any part of this behavior and decision-making. Rule 41 is in place for a cause, and the Movant requests the court uphold sufficient fairness and openness to lawfully pursue redress under that Rule. An impartial DOJ that upholds the most outstanding ethical standards would, and should, agree.