Trump Predicts Coordinated Charges for Hunter Biden

Former President Donald Trump alleged that the Justice Department aims to create a deceptive facade of impartiality to mask their unjust persecution of him.

In recent developments regarding his alleged mishandling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, the former president launched fresh attacks against the DOJ. 

Taking to Truth Social on Tuesday, Trump exclaimed, this is all about election interference. He feels Democrats are exploiting the DOJ & FBI to manipulate the 2024 Election.

He further expressed his outrage that Democrats represent the Party of Disinformation. Trump feels the DOJ may go after Hunter with minor allegations to give the appearance of fairness in their assault against him. 

But going further, Trump said there is nothing fair or honest about these Fascists. It’s time to fight.

The former president did not give any corroboration to back up his assertations. It seems clear to Trump that the DOJ or Justice Department will come up with minor offenses to charge Hunter Biden, the president’s troubled son. 

Judging by the past performance of the DOJ and FBI, there might be a grain of truth in Trump’s ascertains. 

The potential charges encompass two misdemeanor counts for failing to file taxes, a solitary felony count of tax evasion concerning a business expense for a specific year’s taxes, and the firearm charge, a possible felony.

According to at least two federal prosecutors involved with Hunter Biden’s investigation have contemplated bringing charges against Biden for three tax crimes and an additional charge linked to the illegal firearm purchase by falsifying information on his application.

NBC News received information from two senior law enforcement sources stating that there is “growing frustration” within the FBI because investigators completed most of their work on the case approximately one year ago. 

Moreover, an IRS investigation was concluded over a year ago, as stated by a senior law enforcement source.

Trump steadfastly proclaims his innocence despite several looming court cases he will face in the coming months.

He feels the baseless charges are designed to upset his election bid for the 2024 presidency by scheduling some court cases in March of 2024 in the middle of his presidential run.