Trump Makes Tiger Woods Prediction

( Former President Donald Trump predicted on Tuesday that legendary golfer Tiger Woods will make a comeback after experiencing a catastrophic car wreck that left him with serious injuries.

Trump, a keen golfer and long-time friend of Woods, spokes to Fox News this week after he learned of the high-speed crash involving Woods’s SUV near Los Angeles on Tuesday. The devastating accident left Woods feeling lucky to be alive, though he suffered severe damage to both legs.

“He’s gonna be back, I have no doubt about it,” former President Trump said. “He’s gonna be back.”

Los Angeles fire officials pulled Woods from the car wreck and said that he was “calm and lucid” at the time.

Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who first responded to the crash scene before paramedics could arrive, said that wearing a seatbelt saved the golfer’s life.

“I’ve seen many collisions, the nature of his vehicle and the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt, I would say that it greatly increased the likelihood that it saved his life,” he said.

“It was very fortunate that Mr. Woods was able to come out of this alive…I think this also kind of speaks to the marvel of modern automobiles and they are much safer than they’ve ever been previously,” he continued.

Gonzalez added that he quickly recognized Woods, and noticed that he was stable as they waited for paramedics to arrive. He was eventually transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center by ambulance and has since undergone surgery on both of his legs.

President Donald Trump awarded Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom back in 2019. He described it as “one of the great honors” of his life.

During his recent Fox interview, Trump said that’s Woods has “overcome a lot.”

“He’s had an incredible life and he’s going to continue to have an incredible life,” he said. “But now he’ll recover from this. It’s pretty bad on the legs, I understand. He’ll figure out a way. He’s a wonderful person.”

The former president also released a public statement, wishing Woods a speedy recovery.

“Get well soon, Tiger. You are a true champion!” Trump said.