Trump Makes Overseas Endorsement

( )- In a video message shown at a rally on Sunday in Madrid, Donald Trump declared his support for Spain’s rightward movement.

In a 40-second video, Trump can be seen complimenting and applauding Santiago Abascal, the head of Spain’s right-wing Vox Party, for doing a “wonderful job.” This camaraderie was reciprocated when Trump took the podium to deliver his speech.

The protest also included speeches by prominent figures on the populist right in Europe, such as Giorgia Meloni of Italy and Viktor Orban of Hungary.

In the tape, Trump remarked, “We have to ensure that we protect our borders and do lots of very good conservative things. Spain is a wonderful nation, and we want to preserve it that way. So, kudos to Vox for spreading so many wonderful messages to people throughout the globe and in Spain.”

After an election that resulted in a national left-wing coalition currently in power, Vox rose to the position of third-largest force in Spain’s Parliament in 2019, capturing the country’s attention.

Following further video greetings from right-wing officials in Europe and South America and a speech by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in person, Abascal took to the stage.

Abascal addressed the crowd of several thousand people, many of whom were waving red-and-yellow Spanish flags, and said, “My thanks for President Donald Trump, a visionary in the fight for sovereign nations, a visionary in the fight for secure borders, who have had to suffer (attacks) from the most powerful establishment in the world and the largest media attack that any world leader has had to face in recent memory.”

Despite its incredible growth, the party headed by Abascal fell short of the goals it set for itself in regional elections this year, and its leaders engaged in their first significant internal conflict. As it fights to overtake Spain’s conventional conservatives, Vox is already looking at regional and municipal elections early in 2019.

Abascal said that European Union officials fear that Italy may prioritize its interests, as Poland and Hungary are now doing.


Ted Cruz said that there are conservative populists who share the principles of God, nation, family, and freedom on one side and global elites and global left on the other. He said the successes of the global right should include a resounding Republican victory in the next congressional midterm elections in the United States.