Trump Jr. Top Of GOP 2024 Poll For First Time

( President Donald Trump indicated during his CPAC 2021 speech in February that he might consider running again in 2024, and while he certainly has the support right now to become the party’s nominee, polls also show that his eldest son might be a good candidate.

The Washington Examiner revealed earlier this month that it is “starting to look like a Trump will be on top of the 2024 presidential ticket even if former President Donald Trump doesn’t challenge President Biden.”

That also assumes that President Joe Biden, who is already 78 years old, will make it through his first term and be cognitively and physically capable to pull off another miracle at age 82…

Trump Jr. has reportedly surged to the top of expected GOP challengers in a McLaughlin & Associates Survey. Previously, Trump Jr. was 10 points behind former Vice President Mike Pence in November 2020. Now, the former president’s son is six points ahead of Pence, with 21% support to Pence’s 15%.

And it makes sense. Donald Trump Jr. is younger than former President Donald Trump, but just as radical and just as strong a character. He has also indicated his political intentions and ambitions, having already released two political books and hit the campaign trail on behalf of his father heavily through 2020.

Trump Jr. also gave a speech at CPAC 2021, slamming President Joe Biden as incapable and labeling his first month on the job as a “disaster.”

Another McLaughlin poll asked attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference on the second-to-last day of the event – a day before the former president took the stage – who they thought was the best candidate for 2024. Bizarrely, showed Trump Jr. trailing behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as well as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, with 43% for DeSantis, 11% for Noem, and just 8% for Trump.

Trump Jr., however, massively outperformed in the national poll, which is likely to be more accurate of what Republican voters are thinking.

Pollster Jim McLaughlin described the difference as a result of the CPAC attendees thinking differently to most Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

He also said that Trump Jr.’s impressive polling is “another example of how the grassroots and conservatives want Trump.”

Could we see Donald Trump Jr. going head to head with Kamala Harris in 2020?