Trump Jr. Says It’s Time To Use Your Wallet As A Weapon 

( )- Before former first son Donald Trump Jr. opened his CPAC speech with a Willy Wonka-like moment, telling conservatives to check beneath their chairs to see if they had won a “golden ticket” to his father’s exclusive event the night after the older Trump’s keynote presentation to the conference 

As the crowd settled, Donald Jr. turned his attention toward John Fetterman to make some remarks that some considered a cheap shot, which is odd considering his father has been the recipient of some of the cheapest shots ever leveled at a President. 

Trump said that John Fetterman, who he called a “vegetable,” would be more useful in the role of a supermarket bagger than a U.S. senator. 

While Fetterman receives therapy for depression at Walter Reed Medical Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, the former president’s son seemed shocked that Pennsylvania would elect a man who lacked “basic cognitive function.” 

That is when someone in the audience shouted something about Biden, which Donald Jr. acknowledged as a good point—indicating that we also have a President with cognitive decline. 

“He’s absolutely unsuitable for office,” Trump remarked of the candidate. They wanted an extreme fanatic who wanted to liberate murderers; therefore, they ran him even though he had these problems, he noted. 

Trump then addressed the dangerous DOJ, which considers mothers at school board meetings to be domestic terrorists while rainbow-haired teachers try to indoctrinate children into believing they are transgender. 

He noted that the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, considers practicing Catholics to be terrorists and a more significant threat than left-wing indoctrinators. 

Finally, to counter this woke culture, Trump said, “we have to start voting with our wallets” and support companies who “support us.” This tied into his promotion of MxM News, his news service, and Public Square, his online conservative marketplace. 

At the end of his address, he urged the audience to vote for his father in the next presidential election. 

“I mean, we have to have a president that isn’t beholden to anybody, right? Even the millionaire conservative journalism elite wants someone other than Trump,” he said. 

That was an apparent shot at Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch, who recently told a court he wishes his hosts had been more vocal in condemning Trump’s election fraud accusations in 2020.