Trump Jr. Announces Huge Endorsement

( )- Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, just reaffirmed his support for incumbent Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama.

On Monday, Trump Jr. issued a statement that was published via a fundraising email.

“There’s a reason that my father, Donald Trump, has endorsed Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate,” Trump Jr. said. “And there’s a reason that I endorsed him too: Mo is a rock solid conservative, who has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we move the America First mission forward.”

Trump Jr. added that if Republicans intend to make change, they’ll need to do so by winning big with “candidates who embrace the America First agenda.”

“And that starts with Mo Brooks in Alabama. Mo doesn’t worry about making friends with Democrat leaders or political elites who don’t represent YOU,” he said.

The repeat endorsement comes as polling shows that Brooks is in a tight race, competing against the former head of the Business Council of Alabama Katie Britt, and Army veteran Mike Durant, for the Republican nomination for his district.

Trump Jr. added that Brooks doesn’t care about being popular with anti-American mobs and that he cares about making life “GREAT” for hard-working American families.

He said that people must not back down to the fake news or mainstream narrative, and should throw their support behind strong candidates like Brooks.

Brooks’ ability to maintain his party’s nomination and keep his seat in the House of Representatives this year will not only be a test of Trump’s ability to direct voters towards candidates that support his agenda, but a test of Brook’s popularity in the 5th District of Alabama.