Trump Indictments Follow Maze Of Current And Former Allies

For those that are concerned about the inner details and mazes of information regarding the former president’s indictments—all three of them—there are several current and former allies important to know. Politico offers an extensive, albeit declarative, left-wing account of the situation. 

Amid the 2024 presidential race, Donald Trump has been indicted a third time by Special Counsel Jack Smith related to his alleged effort to incite an insurrection and overturn the 2020 election results. In January 2016, Republican legislators were responsible for presenting a second slate of electors to Congress, which Democrats are saying was a crime. However, in 2016, Democrats undertook efforts to bypass the Electoral College to remove Trump as the president-elect. 

But as the third indictment plays out, the importance of some notable figures is coming to the fore again. Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, may reportedly play a role in the prosecution. Meadows was a staunch ally of Trump and sought ways for the former president to retain power after an allegedly fraudulent election took place that saw hundreds of thousands of ballots dumped in favor of Biden. 

Mike Pence the former vice president and 2024 presidential hopeful is also factoring into this indictment. He has recently been vocal against Trump, taking to Twitter to suggest that in light of Smith’s indictment, Trump is going to beat a dead horse and focus on January 6. But conservatives appear to be against the former vice president, who argued that, despite Trump’s pleas, he was not in any position to accept the second slate of electors. 

John Eastman, a conservative attorney, reportedly compiled a letter on whether state legislatures can appoint their own slate of electors. He was brought into Trump’s circle in September 2020, two months before the election, as the president’s legal team prepared to litigate the election. The decision to prepare litigation likely came in response to the many videos and information coming out about ballot dumps and fraudulently signed ballots.