Trump: I Like Elon Musk

During a recent interview on Newsmax, Donald Trump complained about Fox News, attacked his chief opponent Ron DeSantis, and suggested that while he likes Elon Musk, his Truth Social is superior to Twitter.

Trump appeared on Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance” on Monday where he was asked what he thought about Elon Musk.

The former president said he has always liked the innovative billionaire and thinks he is “doing a good job” with Twitter. Trump added that he thought Musk might regret his decision to purchase the popular social media platform, explaining that it has been “tough for him.”

Trump suggested that Musk’s Twitter is unlikely to be “very successful” with Truth Social as a competitor. Calling Truth Social “a tremendous platform,” Trump claimed that everyone who listens to him “is listening to Truth.”

Trump also claimed that Truth Social’s “ratings” get “very big” when he posts there, adding, “the ratings are phenomenal.”

He told Bolling that he doesn’t believe that Twitter will be successful so long as he continues posting on Truth Social because “people want to hear what I have to say.”

Trump also attacked Fox News, telling Bolling that the right-leaning cable news network is “prejudiced” against him.

He accused Fox of biased coverage, saying the network frequently doesn’t cover “things that they should be covering.”

Primarily, Trump seemed most upset that Fox News has covered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis more than they cover him.

He told Bolling that Fox is supporting DeSantis in the primary despite DeSantis “losing” to Trump by “40 points.” He complained about the amount of air time Fox gives to DeSantis, including airing his immigration speech from Eagle Pass, Texas this week, which Trump complained was “boring.”

He also griped that Fox didn’t broadcast live the speech he gave at the Faith and Freedom Coalition last Saturday.

Trump told Bolling that he would skip Fox’s Republican Primary debate in August, saying he didn’t want to appear on a “hostile network” like Fox News.