Trump Hammered For Milley ‘Death’ Comment

On Thursday, three Republican presidential hopefuls condemned former President Donald Trump’s words calling for the death of the nation’s top military officer.

On Truth Social this week, President Trump ripped on Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s chairman, claiming that Milley was a “woke train wreck.”

Trump said of Milley if the Fake News got their reporting right, he was dealing with China to give them a heads up on the thinking of the President of the United States. Trump called his actions treasonous.

Trump was alluding to a phone call Milley made to Chinese authorities after the riots on January 6 to reassure them that the United States was not under attack. Milley told Congress later that year that several key Trump appointees were aware of his calls.
A person committing such a heinous crime in the past would have been put to death. In his update, Trump said.

On Wednesday night, a scared Milley told CBS that he had “sufficient safety safeguards in place.” He said he’d take all necessary precautions to protect himself and his loved ones.

This remark from the general, who worked closely with Trump after he became chair of the Joint Chiefs in 2019, harkens back to 2021 when Pence was Vice President, and Trump appeared to threaten his life during the assault on the Capitol.

On the heels of Wednesday night’s second GOP presidential debate, the other candidates have begun attacking the frontrunner. Pence criticized the former president for claiming Milley committed treason. Asa Hutchinson also called out Trump.

A harsher assessment came from former New Jersey governor and current GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie, who, appearing on MSNBC this morning, called Trump an “absolute child” for the “reprehensible” remarks.

Campaign spokesperson Tricia McLaughlin said IT entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy was unavailable for comment because he was spending time with his family.

The silence of others reflects the reluctance of many of his detractors to come out against him regularly.

A spokesman for Trump’s team claimed that other candidates who have spoken out on the issue are doing so only to grab headlines.