Trump Hails His Past Relationship With Kim Jong Un, Drawing Media Outrage

( )- Former President Donald Trump compared his relationship with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un to similar “chemistry” when meeting a lady. The revelation was captured on audio recordings made public by journalist Bob Woodward.

In snippets of Woodward’s tapes published on Sunday by the Washington Post, Trump told Woodward in an early 2020 interview that the CIA described Kim as “cunning, shrewd but ultimately foolish.”

I disagree,” Trump said in response. He said he is shrewd. He is cunning, but he’s really intelligent.

Woodward asked why the CIA would assess the North Korean dictator differently.

“Because they don’t know,” Trump answered.

“They have no idea. I’m the only one that knows. I’m the only one he deals with. He won’t deal with anybody else,” Trump said.

Continuing about the word chemistry, Trump said that it was like when you meet somebody and have good chemistry. “You meet a woman. In one second, you know whether or not it’s all going to happen.”

The tapes from 20 interviews Woodward had with Trump between 2016 and 2020 will be made available as a new audiobook dubbed “The Trump Tapes.” Woodward claims that Trump may be seen “relishing the power of the president and relying on his intuition as the basis for crucial choices” in the interviews.

According to Woodward, the conversation concerning Kim demonstrated his recognizable “single-handed and impulsive attitude,” which “seriously disturbed and even terrified his national security personnel.”

Trump alienated friends like Canada, France, and Germany by habitually displaying deference to Kim and other autocrats like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He exaggerated the romantic nature of his relationship with Kim in particular, telling supporters that “we fell in love” and bragging about the “beautiful letters” the dictator had sent him.

Trump stated that the “tougher and meaner” international leaders are, “the better I get along with them,” in another recording from Woodward’s 2020 interviews.