Trump Gets Called “Tough Guy” By Governor

Last week, the ongoing feud between New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump once again reared its head, the Concord Monitor reported.

While at a campaign event at a Windham, New Hampshire high school last Tuesday, Trump blamed Sununu for the lack of a full-service VA hospital in the state and promised to correct that if he is elected president.

Trump boasted that he could easily win the New Hampshire primary if he had the support of the Republican governor. He complained that while he helped Sununu, Sununu has never helped him.

The governor has made it clear that he plans to throw his support behind one of the other Republican candidates in the New Hampshire primary, arguing that Trump is far too damaged to win in the General Election.

Last Wednesday, Sununu responded to Trump’s latest attack while introducing former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at a town hall event in Salem.

Sununu described the candidates in the 2024 Republican field as “all great people” with one exception. Describing Trump as “the orange-haired elephant in the room,” Sununu said the former president has “an attitude problem.”

During an interview on Fox News in July, Sununu suggested that Donald Trump is a coward for refusing to participate in the upcoming Fox News debate on August 23.

When host Sandra Smith asked Sununu what the Trump-free debates would be like, Sununu mocked the idea that Trump is a tough guy.

He asked why anyone should believe Trump’s claim that he will fight for the country when he is going to “wimp out” and not “stand up” on the debate stage.

After Donald Trump gave a listless speech at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Iowa in late July, Sununu appeared on ABC’s “This Week” where he described the former president’s speech as “the worst 10 minutes.”

He mocked Trump for reading from a binder without looking up and described the speech as “absolutely dead.”