Trump Endorses Susan Wright

( )- Former President Donald Trump formally endorsed Susan Wright to become the next GOP candidate in the House race for Texas’s 6th Congressional District this week.

It’s the latest in a string of endorsements from the former president that forms an important part of his resistance to the Biden administration, which he has repeatedly slammed as illegitimate given the evidence of widescale fraud and misconduct.

“Susan Wright will be a terrific Congresswoman (TX-06) for the Great State of Texas,” Trump said in a statement.

“She is the wife of the late Congressman Ron Wright, who has always been supportive of our America First Policies,” he added.

The former president added that he believes Susan will be “strong on the Border, Crime, Pro-Life, our brave Military and Vets, and will ALWAYS protect your Second Amendment.” He encouraged Republicans to get out and start early voting, with the Special Election taking place on Saturday, May 1.

An endorsement from Trump is one of the most sought-after prizes of Republican candidates today, with most primary candidates winning their race to become the official GOP candidate once they receive it.

Wright also seems like a good fit for the candidacy, being the widow of the late Rep. Ron Wright who died in early February this year.

Following the endorsement from President Trump, Wright said that she is “truly honored” and “so proud to be the only candidate in this race President Trump trusts to be his ally in our fight to Make America Great Again.”

The endorsement of Wright must have felt like a kick in the teeth for other candidates who felt that they were espousing the same ideas as former President Trump. Former Health and Human Services Secretary chief of staff Brian Harrison was among the candidates vying for Trump’s supports, as well as state Rep. Jake Ellzey and former wrestling star Dan Rodimer.

Despite Wright’s endorsement from President Trump, Harrison’s campaign heavily focused on the work he had done for the Trump administration, and direct mail to supporters online showed photographs of him with the former president when he endorsed him for a 2020 Nevada campaign.

The late Rep. Wright won his campaign against his Democrat opponent in the 2020 election by 9 points, giving his widowed wife a good chance of succeeding if she wins the Republican nomination.