Trump-Endorsed Candidate Wins Maine GOP House Primary 

12.07.2018. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) SUMMIT 2018

The general executive contest for the position of the commander in chief of the United States is set to occur in the calendar month of November 2024, just four and a half months away from occurring. Thus far, the election appears to be a standoff between the incumbent President Joe Biden, a career politician and public servant from Delaware and Pennsylvania, and the former 45th president, the businessman, real estate mogul, and reality television celebrity star Donald J. Trump. The affair may be a repeat of the last battle four years ago. Both men appear to be locked in a neck and neck battle at the polls, and many projections forecast a near tie, or a dead heat, in most recent surveys. In many crucial swing states, Trump appears to maintain a narrow advantage over Biden, but with four months and change to go before election day, anything is possible as politics can change overnight. 

A recent report by five thirty eight showed that Biden is narrowly favored by the organization to win the general affair in November. In a simulation ran 100 times, Biden emerged victorious over Trump in 53 of those trials, while Trump achieved victory in only 47 scenarios. This shows how close the race is likely to be. Both men are quite unpopular, and the general political climate within the United States remains volatile and divisive. Biden recently was reported to have recently been carrying a paltry approval rating of only around 37%, while Trump is only perceived favorably by 41% of voters; these statistics appeared on a publication by the far-right conservative media outlet Newsmax.

Trump maintains a stranglehold over the reliable, hard-right GOP base. He still wields significant clout politically and in many districts has shown he can still dominate a primary. In Maine, Austin Theriault won the Republican primary after being endorsed by Trump. Maine, a liberal state, is unlikely to vote Republican.