Trump Club Hosts Holocaust Denier

Last Friday, Donald Trump’s Miami golf club hosted a “ReAwaken America” event featuring one speaker who is a Nazi-supporting Holocaust denier, Forbes reported.

The “ReAwaken America” event at Trump National Doral featured several pro-Trump speakers, including son Eric and his wife Lara, as well as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Also included among the scheduled speakers was Ian Smith, a fitness “influencer” with a history of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda.

Smith became popular with online Trump supporters after he refused to shut down his gym during the pandemic. He uses his social media account to post memes denying the Holocaust and recommend neo-Nazi propaganda, including a film that portrays Germany as the victim during World War Two and questions what is taught about the war.

In an appearance on a far-right podcast, Smith claimed that the Jews are behind “all of these things that are used to control us.”

Smith frequently appears at events for “ReAwaken America,” which was created by Michael Flynn and Clay Clark as a conference tour ostensibly for “freedom-loving Americans.”

But Ian Smith isn’t the only open anti-Semite invited to speak at a “ReAwaken America” event.

In May, two speakers, Charlie Ward and Scott McCay, had their scheduled appearances canceled after Media Matters uncovered their history of anti-Semitism.

“ReAwaken America” was also forced to cancel a scheduled appearance by Jason Dean at its event in Las Vegas after Media Matters reported that Dean “praised Adolf Hitler for having a vision.”

But the tour did not cancel Ian Smith’s appearance last Friday.

Media Matters reported in an update that Smith was introduced by Clay Clark who described him as a “victim of a lot of hit pieces in the last 24 hours.” Clark laughingly claimed that the media was only targeting Smith “because he unapologetically celebrates what it means to be American.”