Trump Claims ‘10% Chance’ CNN Will Host Fair Presidential Debate

Donald Trump has predicted that there will be a low chance that cable news channel CNN will be fair to him at the first 2024 Presidential debate, which is slated to air on June 27th. Once again President Biden and former President Trump are set to face off and settle the score following Biden’s 2020 election win against Trump. Following Biden’s election win, former President Trump has continuously claimed that the election was rigged and “stolen” from him. The 2020 Presidential debates were famous for the outbursts between Trump, Biden, and its moderators.

Donald Trump recently expressed a small optimistic hope that CNN, who is set to host this year’s Presidential debates, might be fair to Trump this time around. Trump specified that the reality of that being true falls at a mere “10%”. Trump’s comments come from his recent appearance on the Impaulsive podcast, hosted by influencer Logan Paul and co-host Mike Majlak. During the podcast, the two hosts asked Trump about the upcoming debate this June. The hosts insisted the Biden campaign was surprised that Trump agreed to debate again. Trump explained that those involved with CNN wanted both candidates to be seated during the debate, which Trump refused and asserted that both candidates should stand, which Trump believed was an argument he won. Trump further stated that he agreed to debate solely because CNN didn’t believe he would. Trump continued that he believes CNN will be as fair, “as they can be” during the upcoming debate. 

Co-host Majlak jokingly stated that Trump’s view on the debate’s fairness was different than his saul approach to the network, to which Trump responded that the network might be far, at a good 10% chance. When asked by Maljak if Trump was more accepting of the networks that have slandered him in the past, the former President continued to double down on his long-time claims that CNN is still fake news.