Trump Can’t Find Lisa Page Or Peter Strzok To Serve Them

( )- According to recent court documents, former President Donald Trump has been attempting to serve former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok with a 108-page complaint since March but has not been successful in doing so.

According to his attorneys, Trump has tried to serve unsuccessfully six times on Page and Strzok, with the most recent effort being on June 30.

A brief status report on the extensive lawsuit, in which Trump accuses lead defendant Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, former British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele, and about 20 Democrats of engaging in a broad conspiracy to link Trump to Russia during the 2016 presidential election, revealed the delay in serving Strzok and Page.

The two had had a distinct but public profile ever since their brief extramarital romance made front-page news in 2017 when the DOJ gave reporters access to their private text messages. It’s unclear how or where Trump’s attorneys have sought the two.
Strzok said to Insider that he’s still not a party to the complaint — not until the plaintiff effects service, which they have not done, adding that he hasn’t precisely been evading process servers.

“Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump,” a book by Strzok, was just published. Strzok said he was aware of Trump’s Fairfax, Virginia, residence because he had been reading the court documents online.

The home addresses of Strzok, Page, and fellow FBI alumni James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Kevin Clinesmith have been included in subpoenas that Trump’s attorneys put three times into the public docket; a court then ordered that the locations be suppressed.

It’s no secret. Strzok said he occasionally appears on CNN, and every time the chyron reads Fairfax, Virginia.

He said why they hadn’t served him is a mystery. He’s not sure if they’re kidding. He’s not sure whether they’re playing tricks on him. He said he honestly has no idea, but some of those things might happen with Trump.

Separate lawsuits have been brought against their former employer by Strzok and Page, who collaborated with special counsel Robert Mueller on the Russian disinformation investigation.

Page joined NBC News as national security and legal commentator while working as a national security and tech lawyer.

While a DOJ lawyer did help in supplying information about the two former workers’ attorneys last week, Trump’s brief states that the Department of Justice has refused to accept service on their behalf.

Page and Strzok appear to be the only defendants still waiting to be served with papers more than three months after the lawsuit was filed.

During that time, Clinton submitted a dozen documents, including a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed in April and still pending.

Requests for comment from attorneys for Trump and Page were not immediately fulfilled.