Trump Can’t Believe Biden Actually Thanked Him

( )- During an interview on Fox News Tuesday, former President Donald Trump said he was surprised that President Biden thanked his administration for its success in developing the COVID-19 vaccines.

Earlier in the day, during his coughing, sneezing, shouting press conference on the Omicron variant, President Biden said “thanks to the prior administration and our scientific community, America was one of the first countries to get the vaccine.” Biden then praised his own administration’s bungling vaccination efforts.

In an exclusive interview on Fox News Tuesday evening, former President Trump said he was very appreciative but surprised by Biden’s acknowledgment. He praised Biden for praising the Trump administration saying Biden “did something very good” that would help heal the country.

Operation Warp Speed was a partnership between the government and pharmaceutical companies that cut through the red tape to fast-track vaccine development for COVID. In his interview on Fox, Trump called Operation Warp Speed “a great thing” adding that while he may have “been the vehicle,” its success was a group effort.

Describing the development of “these incredible vaccines” and therapeutics as “a tremendous job” that should never be disparaged, Trump told Fox that people should be happy about it because “we’ve all saved millions and millions of lives all over the world.”

During his one-on-one interview with Maria Bartiromo over the weekend, Trump revealed that he had received a COVID booster shot. While he advocated for everyone to “embrace” the vaccines, Trump maintained that the vaccines should not be mandated.

In his Tuesday interview on Fox, Trump reiterated his opposition to Biden’s vaccine mandates saying that they will “destroy people’s lives.”

Instead of mandating vaccines, Trump said boosting vaccination rates is “a question of tone” and “trust.” He also said those who have developed natural immunity due to a previous infection should “be given credit for that,” adding that they were in “good shape of not getting it again.”