Trump blasts GOP rep who backed Dems’ spending bill right to her face

( )- The bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed through the House last week did so in large part because a total of 13 Republicans in Congress voted in favor of it.

On Monday, former President Donald Trump blasted those 13 Republicans when talking with the National Republican Congressional Committee at a dinner. Sources who were at the dinner confirmed to Fox News Digital that Trump gave a lengthy speech in which he criticized those lawmakers, and one — New York Representative Nicole Malliotakis — was in attendance.

In a tweet sent on Tuesday, New York Post reporter Juliegrace Brufke wrote:

“Per a source at the NRCC dinner with Trump last evening: ‘He railed on the 13 Rs who voted for infrastructure with Nicole Malliotakis there. She was visibly shaken by it.’ The source added it was a lengthy speech and Trump was friendly with McCarthy.”

Malliotakis tried to defend her actions by taking to Twitter herself. She posted a video that explained her decision to vote in favor of the package, while adding:

“I cast my vote FOR the bipartisan infrastructure bill and AGAINST advancing the socialist spending spree. For far too long our leaders have failed to modernize our aging roads, highways & bridges, upgrade sewer systems & implement flood resiliency projects.”

After months of delay, the House passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill last Friday by a vote of 228-206. The $1.2 trillion plan wouldn’t have passed through the House had the 13 Republicans not voted in favor of it. That’s because six members of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party voted no.

In addition to Malliotakis, those voting in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill were David McKinley (West Virginia), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Fred Upton (Michigan), Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith (New Jersey), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania), John Katko (New York), Andrew Garbarino (New York), Tom Reed (New York), Don Young (Alaska), Don Bacon (Nebraska) and Adam Kinzinger (Illinois).

After being blasted by Trump, some of the other Republicans who were called out tried to defend their stance as well. Bacon, for instance, said the bipartisan infrastructure package would make America “stronger.”

He released a statement that said:

“Most of the hard infrastructure bill is paid for by unspent COVID money that was already appropriated by Congress. This bill makes our nation stronger and more competitive for years to come.

“Make no mistake. This is not the Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Budget Busting Bill, which would’ve cost American taxpayers their hard-earned money. When that bill does come to the floor for a vote, I will be a hard ‘NO.’”

Some sources also told Fox News Digital that many other Republicans in the House are not happy with the group of 13 that voted in favor of the bill. What’s more, leadership in the GOP is worried that some of the disgruntled members may try to strip away committee assignments from those who supported the package.