Trump-appointed Prosecutor Is Going After Hunter Biden

( )- CBS News believes that the little-known US Attorney from Delaware who is overseeing the probe into Hunter Biden’s tax returns just could end up getting thrust into the spotlight because of this “politically-charged” investigation.

And, to help shove him into that spotlight, CBS News decided to publish a piece about the guy last Monday.

US Attorney David Weiss, whom CBS News quickly points out is a Republican, is the man charged with deciding whether or not there is sufficient evidence to seek an indictment from a federal grand jury against “the son of a sitting president, Democrat Joseph Biden.”

Yes, CBS, we all know who the “sitting president” is. But thanks for the clarification.

CBS found out from a “former associate” that David Weiss may have been appointed by former President Donald Trump, but he isn’t one of those kooky Trumpers. Nope. He’s a “moderate Republican who is apolitical in his work.”

And to prove that Weiss is not a crazy Trump supporter, CBS points out that when Trump named Weiss to be US Attorney in 2018, both of Delaware’s Democrat senators, Chris Coons and Tom Carper, endorsed his appointment.

After the “sitting president, Democrat Joseph Biden” first sat down, Weiss was one of the few Trump-appointed US Attorneys Biden didn’t fire, in large part because he knew firing the guy investigating his son would have been a political landmine.

Weiss has been overseeing the probe into Hunter’s taxes since he was first appointed four years ago. According to the CBS News article, several former colleagues assured the liberal network that Weiss wouldn’t be “overly aggressive” nor would he be “overly protective” in the way he handled the investigation.

Weiss worked as an Assistant US Attorney in Delaware in the late 1980s. During that time, he prosecuted corruption, money laundering, and mail and wire fraud cases.

According to a former US Attorney for Delaware, Robert Kravetz, Weiss is “a diligent professional prosecutor.”

Kravetz told CBS News that Weiss isn’t seeking the limelight.

Well, too late.

CBS News just pushed him directly into it.