Trump Airplane Missing From His Rallies

( )- President Donald Trump hit back at claims that his famous Boeing 757 airplane, dubbed “Trump Force One,” recently “mothballed” at a New York state airfield. The former president called reports about his plane “fake news” and said that the plane was actually undergoing a “major scheduled maintenance program” to ensure that it is safe.

Trump said that the maintenance will be complete within 90 days, and he will once again use the jet for campaigning purposes.

Media outlets obtained pictures of the jet, with some reports claiming that the plane looked to be in a “state of disrepair.” It’s a curious claim from The Palm Beach Post. After all, planes typically look like they’re in a state of disrepair when they are undergoing extensive repairs and maintenance.

It’s part of the process.

The plane has been absent at recent rallies hosted by the former president, as he begins what appears to be another presidential bid for 2024. It was a staple in the 2016 campaign and is likely to be as big a part of his campaign in 2024, should he ultimately decide to run again.

Back in 2011, Trump got rid of his old 727 private jet and purchased the much bigger 757 plane. At the time, it sparked rumors that Trump was considering a presidential run – and he did, just a handful of years later. The plane was reportedly purchased from Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft, for $100 million.

Are you excited to see Trump Force One back on the campaign trail?