Trial Begins For Men Who Reportedly Responsible For Attack Where 130 People Died

( )- On Wednesday, France began the trial of 20 men who are accused of conducting and facilitating the 2015 terror attack in Paris that killed 130 people and injured hundreds of others.

The horrific terror attack saw nine gunmen and suicide bombers cause terror at the Bataclan concert hall, various restaurants and cafes, and the national soccer stadium on November 13 that year.

Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the cell that conducted the plot, is the main defendant in the trials. He is the only person standing trial who is charged with murder. He was part of the same network of Islamic State terrorists who went on to commit atrocities in Brussels just a handful of months later, resulting in 32 more deaths.

During the trial, Abdeslam had the audacity to criticize the way he had been treated by the legal system, shouting, “we should be treated like human beings, we are not dogs.”

What about the people IS terrorists mercilessly and brutally murdered in the name of their strict Islamic beliefs?

During the outburst, Judge Jean-Louis Périès attempted to interrupt the 31-year-old alleged terrorist. Abdeslam continued, however, describing how the courtroom has air conditioning and flat screen televisions, and complaining about how different it was to prison.

Prison isn’t exactly meant to be comfortable, is it?

The court was visibly angered by the outburst, and one person in the room could be heard shouting, “and us, we suffered 13 deaths, you b*stard.”

The trial, which is the biggest criminal trial to ever occur in France, is taking place in a temporary structure that was built within the law courts.

Abdeslam is facing charges relating to accusations that he was central in the logistic operation that allowed jihadists to return to Europe from Syria. He is accused of escorting three suicide bombers into the country, and of planning to carry out his own suicide attack in Paris before backing after. Police officers found the suicide vest discarded in a rubbish bin.

Not only a terrorist, but a coward, too.