Train Attacked By Looters, Leaving COVID Tests Littered On The Railway

( )- Incredible video footage from Los Angeles on Thursday showed thousands of destroyed packages scattered across a railway after thieves ransacked a cargo contained and stole huge quantities of goods that were being shipped by UPS and Amazon. The packages were destined to be delivered to residents across the West Coast of the United States. ¬

Among the items stolen by thieves were COVID tests, epi-pens, and…fishing lures. It was clear that the thieves were opportunistic and not looking for anything in particular – only items that could be potentially valuable and sold on the black market.

Los Angeles is experiencing a spate of thefts on its railways, with thieves stealing items from cargo trains as they stop or slow down at the strains. The items were heading to the Union Pacific Intermodal Facility in downtown Los Angeles, where the items are then loaded and packed onto trucks.

Thieves have been seen using bolt cutters to break open their trains and grab anything they can from inside.

Just look at all that trash. Amazon boxes, wrappers, and general garbage can regularly be seen scattered across the railway lines in scenes that look as though they came from a third-world country.

The footage above even shows people rifling through the trash left behind by thieves in the hope of finding any valuable items that have been left behind.

This is why you don’t defund the police…

In fact, this is probably a great advertisement for increasing the funding of the police. Not only could officers do more to crack down on crime in the first place, and keep these criminals off our streets, but clearly Los Angeles’ railway stations need greater protection.

Did you ever think you would see something like this in the United States?