Top U.S. Military Official Mysteriously Found Dead At His Home

( )- On Monday, the body of Cmdr. Robert Ramirez III, the commanding officer of SEAL Team 1, was discovered deceased in his home in San Diego County.

In a statement released on Wednesday, officials from the Naval Special Warfare Command said that they do not believe that the death of the decorated officer was the result of any kind of foul play.

Officials from the Navy have stated that the investigation being conducted by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is still active.

In a statement, the commanding officer of Naval Special Warfare Group 1, which oversees all of the San Diego-based SEAL teams, said that Bobby “was an outstanding leader, devoted husband, and father, and a good friend to us all.”

He said that this loss would be deeply felt throughout the community and by everyone who had the privilege of knowing Bobby.

“During this extremely trying time, we will continue to offer our support to Bobby’s family, friends, and teammates.”

Ramirez joined the military in 1996 and did not receive his commission until 2004.

According to his publicly available service record and the officials in charge of the command, he assumed command of SEAL Team 1 one month ago and first reported to work with the unit in June.

His nearly 27 years of service earned him numerous awards and decorations, including five Bronze Star Medals, two of which were decorated with the Combat “V” device, which is a symbol of valor and heroism. In addition, Ramirez has been awarded numerous medals and ribbons for his service, including three for Combat Action in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

It has been somewhere around a year since the loss of the previous SEAL team commander.

On December 4, 2021, Mdr. Brian Bourgeois, the commander of SEAL Team 8, passed away after suffering injuries sustained in a fall during a helicopter rope training event in Virginia.

The Army conducted the investigation into Bourgeois’ death and has not yet released the document. However, officials told Navy Times in October that several issues led to the officer’s death, including communications issues within the Army helicopter from which Bourgeois was rappelling and a lack of communication between the aircrew and a partner ground forces.