Top Republican Threatened With Arrested For Questioning Woke Educator

( )- The founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, and other Project Veritas journalists were threatened with arrest. They attempted to confront the assistant principal of a Connecticut elementary school about his discriminatory hiring practices, according to a video released by the organization last Wednesday.

In an undercover interview with Jeremy Boland, assistant principal of Cos Cob Elementary School, shown in a video released by Project Veritas on Tuesday night, Boland said that he and other teachers at the school encourage students to think liberally. He also said that he would not hire teachers who might be older, Conservative, or Catholic.

Reports show that in the footage, O’Keefe confronted Boland in a restaurant and inquired about Boland’s position as the school’s assistant principal.

O’Keefe remarked that Boland was recorded on a hidden camera claiming that he doesn’t hire Catholics. He asked if treating individuals differently based on their religion was moral.

Boland repeated that he wanted the questioning to stop when O’Keefe pointed out that the discriminatory employment practices were against Connecticut law.

O’Keefe persisted in pressing Boland, mentioning his status as a journalist and asking once more why he should stop.

Boland replied that he agreed to the questioning.

O’Keefe stated that Boland had agreed to speak with a Project Veritas journalist and that Boland said that he had agreed to speak privately with her.

According to the Project Veritas video, the restaurant manager asks the group to leave the premises. The manager was seen outside filming the group.

The police officer appears in the parking lot and tells O’Keefe’s group they cannot go into the restaurant. The officer says if they trespass, they will be arrested.

After hearing that the team was not permitted to video inside the restaurant without the establishment’s consent, O’Keefe asked the manager if he could film in the parking lot. He did not answer.

O’Keefe later said he would be contacting the police station food a comment on threatening to jail journalists for asking questions.