Top Republican Lawmakers Forced From Entering Jailing Facility Where Trump Supporters Reportedly Being “Tortured”

( )- Last week, Republican House members Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Paul Gosar (R-AR), Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) attempted to visit the January 6 detainees at the DC jail where some of them have been housed for more than six months without trial.

However, they weren’t allowed inside.

Congressman Gaetz posted video to Twitter showing the Department of Corrections officers locking up the doors and refusing entry to members of Congress.

Right Side Broadcasting posted an additional video which shows a detainee’s attorney being turned away as well.

A Corrections officer came out and told the members of Congress that they were trespassing.

The question is a valid one. How can members of Congress, who have oversight of that facility possibly be trespassing? What is the DC Department of Corrections trying to hide?

There have been numerous reports from inmates of the “Deplorable Jail” as well as from their attorneys that the January 6 political prisoners are being subjected to physical and psychological abuse. Again, these people have not been found guilty of anything. They haven’t even had a trial. They are in pre-trial detention, denied bail, for non-violent crimes like trespassing. Yet they are being treated more harshly than terrorists at Gitmo.

After they were barred from the DC Correctional Facility, the Republicans held a press conference demanding answers to their concerns over how these January 6 detainees are being treated.

In response to the House members aborted visit, the DC Department of Corrections issued a statement claiming that they have a mission “to protect and treat every resident humanely and respectfully” while they await due process.

Shouldn’t “due process” start at square one? Who awaits due process?

The statement goes on to claim that the Republicans were barred from entry because they arrived “unannounced with an unauthorized camera crew.” Doing so, the statement contends, “compromised the safety and security operations” at the facility.

Congresswoman Greene responded to the statement in a Twitter thread, reiterating that the DC Department of Corrections was notified in advance of their visit. And the “unauthorized camera crew” were members of the press. She closed her thread by saying that Americans deserve answers.

After the Republicans tried to enter the facility, Julie Kelly, who has consistently reported on the January 6 detainees, tweeted that the jail was put on lockdown all weekend in response.