Top Prosecutor Withdraws From FBI “Kidnapping” Case

( )- Just days after a jury acquitted two defendants and failed to reach a verdict on two others in the so-called plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a federal prosecutor involved in the trial withdrew from the case.

In a brief filed with the court last Tuesday, Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Roth notified the judge that he was withdrawing from the case.

The reason for his withdrawal is not known as Roth was not required to provide the judge with a reason.

A spokeswoman for the US Attorney’s Office in Grand Rapids refused to comment, saying the office does not comment on the staffing of cases.

Roth was one of two prosecutors in the trial against Adam Fox, Barry Croft Jr., Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta who were accused of plotting to kidnap Whitmer. It was Roth who, during his opening statement, accused the men of wanting to create a “war zone here in Michigan.” Roth also led the cross-examination of Daniel Harris, the only defendant to testify in the trial.

On April 8, the jury acquitted both Harris and Brandon Caserta, but could not reach a verdict on Adam Fox or Barry Croft. Federal prosecutors initially indicated that they would pursue a retrial for Fox and Croft, however, they have yet to file a notice of a new trial with the court.

During the 20-day trial, prosecutors alleged that the four defendants conspired in 2020 to kidnap Governor Whitmer because of her draconian COVID lockdown orders in the early months of the pandemic.

Defense attorneys argued entrapment, claiming that FBI undercover agents and paid informants improperly influenced the men.

The prosecution countered the entrapment claim with evidence showing that the men had discussed the possibility of kidnapping Whitmer before the FBI began its sting operation, and claiming that the men had scouted Whitmer’s summer home and tested explosives.

One alleged “plotter,” Ty Garbin, admitted his role in the supposed plot weeks after his arrest. He was sentenced to over six years in prison last year after pleading guilty.