Top NSA Official Under Fire From Devin Nunes

( )- Republican Rep. Devine Nunes, a House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member, took National Security Agency Director Army Gen. Paul Nakasone to task on Wednesday over the role he played in stopping a former Trump administration official from being granted a role in the National Security Agency.

Yale Law School graduate and retired Navy Reserve intelligence officer Michael Ellis was originally hired as the next general counsel at the National Security Agency, which is a non-partisan civil service job that presidents and parties typically don’t work to retroactively block or reverse. He was hired in November of 2020, during the Trump administration, after going through a long vetting process.

He is qualified, talented, and has the necessary security clearance to take up the role – but only hours after President Joe Biden entered the White House, Nakasone for some reason placed Ellis on administrative leave.

The press revealed that Nakasone’s decision was made pending the outcome of an inquiry by the Department of Defense inspector general in relation to the circumstances of Ellis’ hiring. There was no reason to believe that anything untoward had happened, and it didn’t, but the investigation was announced and Nakasone’s decision effectively ended the possibility of Ellis taking up the civil service role.

No wrongdoing took place, and the DOD IG even concluded so last week, saying in a report that there was “no improper influence or failure to comply with DoD guidance in the process and decision to select Mr. Ellis as the NSA GC.”

But they ruined his chances and stopped him from taking the role anyway.

This is called partisanship. Extreme partisanship.

Nunes slapped Nakasone for his actions, stating:

“The IG report details that you went to great lengths to oppose the hiring of Ellis. The report reveals that former DOD General Counsel Paul Ney told you in an email that some of your concerns about Ellis ‘had no basis in fact,’ and other concerns ‘appear to be inappropriately injecting partisan politics.’”

Nakasone struggled to answer or disagree with the summary of events that Nunes put forward. But does it matter? The damage is already done.

The Biden administration will make up lies that suit their agenda, and quietly drop it months later when they’ve achieved what they wanted.