Top Democrat Reveals “No One Is In Charge” As Biden Pretends To Lead

( )- The Biden administration is failing so badly that even Democrats are coming out against incompetence in the White House.

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal slammed President Joe Biden and various government officials during a Senate hearing last Tuesday, suggesting that the chain of command must be restored after experiencing a total breakdown.

During the hearing, military generals told senators that they had advised president Joe Biden to delay the withdrawal of American troops from the country to ensure that Americans could be safely evacuated first, which is a total contradiction to everything President Joe Biden has said about the situation so far.

“We don’t have an estimate on the number, because nobody is in charge right now,” Blumenthal said about the number of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan, with seemingly no hope of being rescued.


How can any Democrat stand behind Joe Biden when he is responsible for abandoning American citizens and allies in a country now occupied by radical Islamist terrorists?

Senator Blumenthal said that it is now a “moral imperative” for the Biden administration to do more to get those Americans out of the country, and criticized the State Department for passing on that responsibility to the Defense Department.

Blumenthal even went on left-wing news to criticize the president, telling MSNBC that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has not provided any “real responses” so far because there is nobody in charge of the situation.

The Biden administration, according to this Democrat, is doing nothing at all to help those stranded Americans.