Top Biden Official Is Mad White People Love America Too Much

( )- The first-ever special representative for racial fairness and justice was appointed by the Biden State Department this month. Desirée Cormier Smith, the newly appointed ambassador, has criticized white diplomats for being excessively “protective” of the United States and missing the “empathy” of their minority colleagues.

Smith, a self-described “Black activist,” made the remarks in an interview in 2020. Smith was at the time a senior policy consultant for the George Soros-funded Democratic think group, Open Society Foundations. Smith’s appointment to the position, which was established to “confront systematic racism and injustice across the world,” was announced by the State Department on Friday. She was referred to be a racial justice specialist with a profound and consistent commitment to ‘equality and justice for all’ by the State Department.

Reports show that Smith might need to restrain her racially inflammatory opinions in her new position. Statements that “demonstrate hatred against a person because of his or her race” are forbidden by the State Department. The department’s policies prohibit “racial epithets, ‘jokes,’ rude or disparaging statements, or any verbal or physical actions based on an individual’s race/color,” among other forms of discriminatory harassment.

But Smith gets a pass for her remarks. Why else would they hire her?

According to reports, Smith talked about her past job as a foreign service officer during an appearance with the Black Diplomats podcast. When granting visas to foreign applicants, she said that her white coworkers exhibited an “ownership” mindset. Smith claimed that white diplomats were so protective of the country and didn’t want anybody who could tarnish the image of the United States because it’s this magnificent shining city on a hill.

Smith also alleged that her fellow minority diplomats have a certain humility and empathy that many white foreign service officers lack.

Smith is not the only member of the Biden State Department who has faced criticism for making bigoted remarks, according to investigative reports.
The department’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, bemoaned the “white male-dominated” nature of the national security sector in a podcast interview in 2020. She claimed that as a woman of color, she was better prepared than her European-American colleagues and probably better prepared than her male colleagues.
The greatest danger to U.S. national security is U.S. cops, according to former State Department deputy spokesman Jalina Porter.
Naturally, Biden’s State Department had nothing to say about its bigoted staff members when media outlets requested statements.