Tomi Lahren Says Big Tech’s Message To Conservatives Is Clear: “Shut Up”

(RoyalPatriot)- Fox News host and conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren hit out at Big Tech and its coordinated efforts to silence conservative voices this week, describing a massive purge of conservative from social media platforms on “Outnumbered.”

Lahren discussed the news that Twitter had permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account, along with tens of thousands of other conservative and pro-America voices on the platform.

Lisa Kennedy, one of Fox’s most famous hosts, asked Lahren where she thinks conservatives should turn to in term of social media platforms, describing how many conservative users even willingly chose to leave Twitter and Facebook.

“That’s the difficult part,” she said. “What Big Tech is essentially telling us and what the Democrats and the Left are essentially telling us, is shut up or else. Shut up or else we will de-platform you,” she said.

“Shut up or else we will censor you. Shut up or else we will take away any of the other platforms that you’ve created,” she added.

Lahren appeared to be referencing the decision made by Amazon to withdraw access to Amazon Web Services for Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter. The conservative-run social media company, which welcomes people of all political persuasions for open discussion on its platform, was also removed from Google and Apple app stores.

That means conservatives not only can’t use Twitter but have been stopped from accessing alternatives.

“They don’t want us to talk about election integrity. They don’t want us to talk about voter fraud. They don’t want us to talk about President Trump,” she said. “They don’t want us to talk about conservative values and principles altogether.”

And she’s not wrong.

“This is a clear message to conservatives: shut up,” she continued. “And we need to send a clear message back: we will not shut up. They need to understand that.”

While Parler has been shut down, alternative social media platform Gab has managed to stay online by purchasing and running its own servers. It shows the huge extent to which social media platforms must go if they do not conform to the mainstream Democrat narrative, and the massive hurdles conservatives have just to use the Internet the same way leftists and non-political people do.