Tim Tebow Calls For Action On Human Trafficking

Tim Tebow, the former quarterback for the Florida Gators, is taking the issue of human trafficking head-on.

The athlete, humanitarian, and namesake behind the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF) has launched a new effort to rescue victims of human trafficking and child sex abuse.

Hundreds of youngsters, some of whom have been victims of sexual abuse and torture by family members, are being sought by the “unKNOWN” campaign. Ten years into the struggle, Tebow’s organization has been a part of twenty safe houses throughout the globe, with another two dozen in the planning stages. More than a thousand people have been rescued with the support of their partners and teams.

Tebow and his charity opted to announce World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on Sunday, July 30. He’s turning 36 on August 14 and wants to utilize the occasion to bring attention to others who are in need.

Tebow appeared on “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich” to discuss his efforts to track down thousands of missing children via the Unknown campaign and his involvement in the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation.

To “be on the front lines to push back this evil,” Tebow said, “our heart is to try and combat it in every way possible.”

Tebow said that at the moment, “we care the most about the Unknown campaign because we want so much to find them, identify them, and save them. Since we know God sees everyone, we think every life is precious and worth preserving if possible. We had better recognize them.”
He said we must be prepared to stop at nothing to save as many of these precious lives as possible.

Tebow agreed that most Americans are unaware of the gravity of the situation in the United States. Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing industries, and many estimates and studies have likely understated its prevalence.

Many of Tebow’s advertisements and films were filmed in upscale areas to demonstrate that no area, affluent or not, is impacted by this evil.