Tim Pool’s Home Targeted, Requires Bomb Squad To Intervene

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Tim Pool, the non-woke liberal podcaster, was hit once again the target of a far-left effort to silence him and his guests this week. A bomb squad arrived at Pool’s studio, where he records the TimcastIRL podcast after somebody presumably filed a fake tip with the authorities that a bomb was on the property.

Pool said that he did not release footage of the bomb squad arriving at his property after taking advice from police officers on the matter.

While on air, Pool suggested that while it may be another example of leftists “swatting” him by making false claims, there may actually have been a real reason why the bomb squad turned up.

“I’m actually worried we’re going to hear the house shake,” Pool said live on air.

He appeared to suggest that someone may have actually planted a bomb on his property.

“For security reasons, we can’t reveal too many details,” he said. “But I tweeted what’s happening to make sure there’s a record of threats against us for future reference.”

Can you think of a single example of left-wingers being targeted by bombs by conservatives? Or an example of conservatives making false tips to the authorities about liberals?

It doesn’t happen.

Pool’s studio has been swatted six times over the last year, and there’s no sign of it ending.