TikTok Video With American Students Answering Geography Questions Goes Viral

Footage of American students on TikTok has caused a lot of conversation, and none of it is good. Their recent videos, in which they demonstrate their somewhat limited knowledge of Europe, have been somewhat of an embarrassment.

The video has amassed over three million views.

Mathilda Andre, a Swedish exchange student at Michigan University, approached her new classmates and began asking them a series of simple geography questions. The answers may make someone wonder why their friends are in college. Are they wasting their money, or are the taxpayers having their money wasted when these know-nothings have their loans forgiven?

Andre casually asked her American peers some general knowledge questions, such as: ‘Do you know the capital of Germany?’

One of them confidently claimed that France was the capital of Germany, while another mistakenly thought that Iraq was a Scandinavian country.

A commenter inquired if geography lessons are included in American schools.

Andre asked her peers, “What language is spoken in Europe?” Both comically and sadly, interviewees replied with ‘European.’

Another person joined the conversation and answered that the capital of Germany was. “Hamburg.”. She paused for a moment, deep in thought, before questioning her answer.

Andre went up to another student and asked what language people speak in Russia.

After lots of knitted brows, the student said, “Russian.” There was genuine excitement when Andre confirmed her answer was correct. She couldn’t help but exclaim, ‘Wait, really?’

Another student said the capital of France was Rome. Yet another said the capital of Norway was “Sweden.”

Andre then gave her another chance and asked her to name countries in Scandinavia.

Her friend asked, “Isn’t Scandinavia a country?” The friend then said Iraq was a country in Scandinavia,

TikTok users were troubled by the video, expressing their disbelief at the apparent lack of knowledge.

Jay Leno had a bit on the Tonight Show called Jay Walking, in which he asked people general knowledge questions. The answers were equally humorous.

But is it funny?