This “Strategy” Might Stop Iran For Good

( )- An Iranian-American co-wrote an op-ed at the Hill on Monday both to promote his new book “The Ayatollah’s Nuclear Gamble” and to offer a possible alternative to the United States’ current foreign policy strategy toward Iran.

Khosrow Semnani, who wrote the Hill op-ed along with human rights activist Amir Soltani, argues that the US has to move past the idea that the only alternative to a nuclear deal is sanctions and military strikes.

The writers believe that the Iranian people are prepared to shake off the bonds of the fundamentalist tyranny of the mullahs to preserve the sovereignty and security of Iran. All they need is support from the UN and the United States.

Semnani and Soltani believe that there can be no nuclear negotiations with Iran’s hardliners. So rather than try to build trust with the Iranian regime, the US should expose the real reason Iran is pushing for a nuclear weapon – namely to wage war.

Calling Iran’s theocracy “corrupt, criminal, broken and bankrupt,” the writers suggest that the Ayatollah wants to wage war against the United States and Israel as a way to “resurrect the fortunes of fundamentalism.”

They conclude that the only way to prevent this war is to force Iran to hold free and fair elections that are monitored by the United Nations.

Yeah, that sounds like wishful thinking.

Do they think the United Nations would play along? This is the same United Nations that, in April, made Iran a member of the UN Commission on Women’s Rights.

While it is true that the United States and Europe are foolish to waste their time trying to restart Obama’s Iran deal, the alternative these writers suggest seems deeply naïve.

The United Nations isn’t going to step in and force the mullahs to respect the rights of the Iranian people to elect a new government. While it would be the best thing ever, it just isn’t grounded in reality.