This Journalist Admits To Helping Pedophile Groups Avoid Sting Operations

( )- An NBC “disinformation” journalist who went after the LibsOfTikTok account on Facebook and Twitter reportedly took credit for going after pedophile sting groups who go after pedophiles who pose a clear danger to children. Brandy Zadrozny, the left-wing quasi-journalist, reported that LibsOfTikTok was harassing Boston Children’s Hospital for publicly promoting puberty blockers for children.

According to the hospital’s website, they offer mastectomies, artificial construction of a penis out of a girl’s vagina, and “facial harmonization” to “eligible” patients which include “adolescents and young adults.” They have provided at least 65 mastectomies on biological females between the ages of 15 and 18, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation. After the outrage and criticism over the hospital’s policies, they have since changed their policy, offering vaginoplasties to those who are 17 to 18 years old.

Zadrozny claimed that LibsOfTikTok sent “waves of harassment to the hospitals’ larger accounts.”

As a result of the leftist onslaught over the account’s reporting, Facebook locked the LibsOfTikTok account, causing celebration among the usual suspects who champion children mutilating their bodies in order to “change” their sex.

The fake journalist once reported in 2019 that anti-pedophile groups on Facebook were “shaming” and “cyberbullying” pedophiles, suggesting that these pedophiles as victims. One report detailed a profile of one 20-year-old pedophile, Alain Malcolm, who physically went to meet with a 14-year-old boy from online for sex. After he was confronted by anti-pedophile group Prey on Predators (POPSquad), he went home and killed himself.

Zadrozny worked to get anti-pedophile groups taken down on Facebook, writing that “Facebook is a key piece of the groups’ strategy.” NBC has not made clear how the fake journalist communicates with Facebook and has not responded to questions regarding making the email correspondence public.

A senior reporter for NBC News shared the work Zadrozny was doing, calling it an “incredible news story.”

One commenter brought up the fact that the network once had a show called “To Catch A Predator,” where Chris Hansen lured pedophiles who wanted to have sex with children and saw to it that they got arrested for their crime.

LibsOfTikTok was recently locked out of the account for allegedly posting an “audio recording of Children’s National Hospital admitting that they perform ‘gender affirming’ hysterectomies on minors, some younger than 16 years old,” according to conservative magazine American Pigeon.